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Classically trained, Original sculpture, handcrafted, Made in the USA.

Kevin Fehlenberg begins to shape a stone column using a technique called pitching.

Original Hand-Crafted Stone Sculpture

Classically trained. Custom, hand-carved stone sculpture. Made in the USA.

I specialize in handcrafted stone sculpture, specifically architectural ornament, stone restoration and lettering. I sculpt primarily in natural stone and marble, but also work in clay, bronze and mixed media.

I work with my clients to ensure they receive exceptional, cost-effective original art that exceeds their expectations.

My work is all hand-carved in the highest-quality natural stone. I never use cheap materials like composite or synthetic stone that many other “sculpture” websites display. Nor do I pour concrete into a mold, which is incapable of achieving any significant level of detail.

When sculpting a work of art, I consider whether the sculpture will be kept indoors or out, the natural climate and conditions, and the light source and angle at which the sculpture will ultimately be viewed. These factors determine the overall design and the carving methods employed to achieve the most appropriate and eye-catching visual effects. I discuss all of this with my clients during a series of design consultations. I don’t rush this process; client satisfaction is my primary goal.