Kevin Williams, Sculptor and Stone Carver


Kevin Williams apprenticed under Italian-trained sculptor and stone carver, Walter S. Arnold. Arnold, who is one of the most well-respected artists and craftsmen in the industry, has owned his own studio for over 35 years and served for 11 years as president of the Stone Carvers Guild of America.

Through his apprenticeship and subsequent work at Walter S. Arnold Studio, Kevin studied the classic methods of stone carving. He learned the full process of carving, from pitching a solid block of stone to chiseling the finest details. He was also taught the best practices for using the original tools of the trade – chisels, hammers and mallets, along with centuries-old innovations – to produce the precise effects he desires; these are time-tested techniques that have been passed down for centuries from one Italian master carver to the next, and Kevin was fortunate to learn these traditional carving methods through his work with Arnold.

In the News

June 2014 – Harper College in Palatine, IL asked Kevin to demonstrate the process of stone carving for lifelong learning students. This event is scheduled to take place on June 30th, 2014.

June 2014 – Kevin Williams demonstrated the process of carving a full-size portrait of a horse in limestone at the Western States Horse Expo from June 13-15, 2014. Photos from this event can be found on the Horse and Animal Portraiture page.

October 2013 – Kevin Williams completed his University of Illinois Charioteer of Delphi restoration project. For photos and articles related to this project, check out the following resources:
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October 2013 – Harper College in Palatine, IL asked Kevin Williams to demonstrate the process of stone carving for three classes of art history students.

September 2013 – Kevin was one of three Chicago-based artisans asked to participate in the series Artisans in the 21st Century: Stained Glass, Paint and Stone Carving, hosted by Harper College.

July 2013 – CEO Blog Nation features Kevin in Entrepeneuers Share What Makes Their Businesses Unique – July 21st. Kevin shares how he is part of “a truly niche profession”. (He is listed 6th)

August 2012 – Kevin appears in the, Home of The Register-Mail; he is pictured giving a stone-carving demonstration at the Midwest Folklife Festival in Bishop Hill.