Bronze Sculpture

Kevin Williams is currently studying the classical techniques of bronze casting, namely the lost wax technique and that of sand casting. These are the same techniques used through out the history. Though modern methods exist, Kevin believes a special unique character exists in the pieces crafted by hand using these Old World methods; and a discerning art collector can spot right away and appreciate this unique quality.

Starting with the small pieces you see here, Kevin is striving to develop the skills and experience to offer handcrafted bronze portrait busts. These busts will be produced from either observing a live model, or when live posing is not available, through a series of photos. Kevin William’s first portrait bust is scheduled for completion this fall.

These bronze pieces are all one-of-a-kind, one-off sculptures. As with the other mediums that Kevin works with, nothing here is machined out or mass-produced. Each work of art produced by Kevin is an original.