Stone Sculpture and Restoration

Current and recent sculpture and stone restoration projects

University of Illinois Charioteer of Delphi restoration

Renaissance-inspired stone urn restoration

Art restoration is a field of its own. But with so few stone carvers left in the country, many get called upon to do restoration work alongside their commissions for original sculpture. Kevin Williams was introduced to stone restoration while assisting Walter Arnold with two of his restoration projects. Arnold has extensive restoration experience, including the Chicago Tribune Tower and the Chicago Board of Trade just to name two. The first project Kevin worked on was a park bench originally carved by Walter, which was damaged by a vehicle. The second was to replace eight urns, which adorned the rooftop of a California luxury home. The designer of the home originally selected cast concrete urns when the home was being built. The quality of these urns proved to be unsatisfactory in material, level of detail and historical accuracy, since the design poorly imitated classical motifs. Walter Arnold was commissioned to replace the unsightly cast concrete urns with handcrafted sculpture made from real stone.

After successfully completing these first two projects, University of Illinois commissioned Kevin to replace the damaged head of a 100 year old stone replica of the Charioteer of Delphi. After guarding the entrance to Allerton Park for a century, the charioteer’s head was shattered beyond repair when thieves attempted to steal it. All of these projects you will find pictured here. While stone restoration projects can prove to be quite difficult, Kevin welcomes them as a challenge and an opportunity to work on historically significant sculpture.